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 Rules; Please Read

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PostSubject: Rules; Please Read   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:14 am

These are our forum rules; please read and abide by them.

  • Nothing sexual AT ALL. You WILL be banned for breaking this rule.
  • If you must cuss, star most of it out, please. Thank you.
  • Give credit to the original if you remake something.
  • If you steal an idea, either give credit or delete, depending on what the original person wants.
  • Please try to be literate. We all make mistakes, but please refrain from text lingo. Most find it annoying if they are not texting.
  • Post stuff in the right sections. It gets annoying if we, the mods, have to move topics all the time.
  • No spamming or flaming. This upsets a lot of people.
  • Please refrain from offensive things. If your topic may lead to something offensive, then put a warning.
  • Have fun!

Please obey these rules, thank you!
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Rules; Please Read
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