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 Dragon Ball Mew Mew

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Jacqueline Lee Dodds

Jacqueline Lee Dodds

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Mew Mew   Dragon Ball Mew Mew I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 1:28 pm

It was a peaceful day in West City. Goku, Chi-Chi and their newborn twins, Gohan and Rosamoona were visiting the Briefs. Goku and Vegeta were in the backyard sparring while Chi-Chi and Bulma were watching their husbands from the patio. Trunks, Rosamoona, and Gohan were all inside, napping. All was peaceful, but not for long.

Slipping unnoticed into the bedroom where the slumbering newborns were at, a figure paused, making sure he didn't alert anyone to his appearance. A smiled spread across his face. The Saiyan's were too distracted by their "fight" to acknowledge his presence.

Turning his attention back to the Saiyan children, he walked cautiously up to the cribs, easily finding the girl. Suddenly, a second figure appeared next to him.

"What's taking you so long. It's just a baby."

The first figure scowled. "If you've ever fought a Saiyan, you'll know why. Even their infants are dangerous."

At hearing this, the second one laughed. "Your just paranoid, Sardon."

Sardon glared. "Okay Dren, you go out and fight both Saiyan's at once."

Dren slightly paled. "No, I think I'll stay here."

Sardon smirked. "I thought so."

Once again looking at Rosamoona, he quickly, yet cautiously, picked her up. She stared at him with knowing iced blue eyes.

"So, why exactly are we stealing a baby girl for Deep Blue?" Dren asked, bored.

"Deep Blue had a vision that one day, a Saiyan daughter would rise up and destroy him, therefore destroying us."

"And this is the Saiyan daughter he thinks will kill us?" Came the unimpressed reply.

"Well I don't see any other female Saiyan's around. Do you?" Sardon scoffed.

Dren growled. "Let's just go before they find us." When Rosamoona heard this, she let out a wail. Trunks and Gohan, now awake, started to cry as well.

"Sh**!" Sardon exclaimed. Dren smirked.

"Are you coming, or are you gonna stand there like an idoit and let them catch you?" He disappeared, not leaving any evidence of his being there. Sardon quickly followed suite, and just in time. Bulma and Chi-Chi came through the door, ready to quiet their crying children. When Chi-Chi see's Rosamoona's empty crib, she gasps, looking frantically around for her missing daughter. Sensing his wife's distress, Goku transported to her side.

"Chi-Chi, what's wrong?" She looked up at him with a tear streaked face.

"She's gone! Our daughter, she's gone!" Chi-Chi cries, throwing herself at Goku. He hugs her, feeling for Rosamoona's energy. Not finding it, he concentrates harder. Once again, he turns up empty handed. Shocked, he stands there, with Chi-Chi crying in his arms.

How could their daughter disappear so suddenly? But, most importantly, why?

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Dragon Ball Mew Mew
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