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 The Phoenix Twins

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Jacqueline Lee Dodds

Jacqueline Lee Dodds

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The Phoenix Twins Empty
PostSubject: The Phoenix Twins   The Phoenix Twins I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 1:38 pm

Chapter One


I raced towards the tiny cabin ahead of me. The sun was setting, and the shadows were growing long. But that's not what had me running to the cabin. I could smell the smoke, see the bright orange flames.

"Father!" I called out. I knew that it was no use. So I was very surprised when I heard his voice call back to me.

"Ebony!" He cried. It sounded pained, injured.

"Father!" I called again. I had reached the door, and I placed my hand the handle. It was hot, but not overly so. I turned it and threw the door open. I was greeted by a wall of flames.

"Sh**," I muttered. I took a deep breath, covered my face with my arms, and jumped through fire.

I hit the ground running. My eyes watered from the smoke, but my breathing wasn't affected to much. I didn't stop to ponder this, though. I crouched down so I was below the smoke. Fire raged on either side of me, bright and hot on my face, neck, arms, and legs. I looked widely around for Father. When I didn't see him, I yelled for him again. He answered me with, "Ebony... *cough* get... *cough* get out!"

This came from my left, which was blocked by another wall of flames. I once again covered my face and burst through them. When I emerged, I could tell that this was where the source of the fire was. The smoke was the thickest here, the flames the hottest. Although I should have been choking from the heat and the smoke, I could breath as easily as if I were outside.

Before I could make sense of this, I felt a hand grab my ankle. I let out a small yelp and looked down at Father. Well, I think I was Father anyway. His face and arms were badly burned from the fire. His skin was almost the exact shade of red that I had seen in the sunset out side not all of five minutes before. But I could tell it was him. His blue eyes shone brightly, though I saw pain in them.

I dropped to my knees beside his head. "Father, I'm here!" I told him. "Don't fret, I'll get us out!" He nodded in response, and I could tell that it brought him much pain to do so.

I looked for a place out. Anywhere that wasn't engulfed in flames. I found only one. The ceiling.

I cussed silently. It was the only way to get out without dragging Father through more flames. And with his already severely burned skin, I didn't want to take the chance of charcoaling him.

Just as I opened my mouth to say to him 'hold on', the room collapsed on top of us. A large and rather heavy beam of wood fell and hit me in the head. I was knocked to the ground. Instantly, my head began to throb. I reached up and moved the beam the best I could, but it scrapped against my scalp, cutting it. I cried out, and I felt fresh tears start to run down my cheeks. I lowed my head as far as I could, and I pushed on the beam again. This time it scrapped my back, tearing my clothing. I managed to get it moved enough as to where I could slip out from under it. When I stood up, I was hit with vertigo. The room spun, and everything was blurry. I felt as though I was going to pass out, but I took a deep breath and looked around for Father.

He was easy to spot, with his bright red skin. I rushed over to him, and nearly passed out. The injury was far worse than I had thought.

I was glad to see that the smoke was clearing out thanks to the new hole in the ceiling. And all the fallen wood was perfect for climbing up to that hole.

"Father, we have to get out now," I said. He nodded and I helped him to crawl out from the pile of rubble. I tried to touch him as little as possible, for whenever I did, he winced in pain. When at last he was free, I pointed to the hole. "We have to climb." I told him. But as I did, I became very dizzy again. Black danced in my vision, and I started to fall. Father caught me, and said, "Ebony, are you feeling alright?" I nodded, but winced in pain. Concern filled his eyes, but I shook my head, wincing again. "We have to keep going," I told him. "I'll be alright."

He nodded and we started climbing. The whole cabin started to shake, but we kept going. My head was pounding now, and I didn't know if I could make it. But some how I managed to keep going. When we reached to top, I was covered in sweat, both from the heat and from the pain.

Father emerged behind me. We both stood on the roof, trying now to figure out how to get down. Then I saw a tree branch. It extended from the tree, reaching out towards the house. It was a little lower than the roof, and it didn't quite reach, but from the groaning of the wood below us, we didn't have much of a choice.

Father noticed it as well, and made his way over to the branch. He motioned for me to do the same. As I started over, the cabin gave a fierce groan, shuddering under out weight. The wood was giving out. I looked down and looked back up at Father. But it was a quick movement, something I wasn't capable of at the moment. My vision swam, and my stomach turned over. I doubled over and vomited.

When I was able to stand back up, I was more shaky than before. Father was trying to make his way back over to me, but every where he stepped, the wood groaned.

"Don't" I choked out. He looked up, and shook his head. He tried again, but this time his foot went through the wood. The cabin began to shake again, and this time it also started to collapse. I met Fathers eyes and I saw fear in them.

"Jump!" He yelled, and he launched his self over the side of the cabin. I looked around and took a deep breath. I followed his lead, and jumped over the edge.

I hit the ground hard, knocking the air out of me, and hitting my head off the ground. The new injury mixed with the old one. I tried to move, but I couldn't. My sight went completely fuzzy, and I couldn't make out anything. But just before I went under, I heard Father call my name. Then I was plunged into darkness that swallowed me whole.

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The Phoenix Twins
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