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 The Lost- A Warriors Fan Fiction

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PostSubject: The Lost- A Warriors Fan Fiction   Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:02 am

Jay ran through the woods, trying to escape the pack of cats behind him. He stopped after a while, confused. They seemed to have turned around. Just then, a huge, fluffy, white she-cat with black ears, muzzle, tail tip, and white paws landed in front of him. She seemed to smile at him, amused.

Jay looked up at her, meeting her ice blue eyes. He coward some, afraid that she was like those other cats.

"Hello. I'm Cloudstar. You look young... Are you lost?" She asked, seeming to be concerned. Jay nodded, afraid to give her the wrong answer. The she-cat turned around, flicking her tail, motioning for him to follow. "Why don't you come with me back to camp? I'm the leader of Skyclan. We are in need of more warriors, and even though you look a little young, we could find space for you." She said, looking over her shoulder. "Unless you would rather Bloodclan to get you." She added. Jay glanced behind him, then followed her, unsure of what to do.

They walked for about ten minutes before coming up to a cave. Cloudstar led Jay though, coming out into a clearing with multiple dens around the far edge.

Jay looked around, amazed. "Wow....." He said, taking it all in. He looked at Cloudstar, seeing her look down at him. "It's so... big!" He exclaimed. She smiled at him again, still amused. She looked back at her camp, nodding.

"Yes, I guess it would be to a kittypet." She said. Jay looked up at her, confused. "Kittypet?" He asked. She nodded. "Yes, it's what you are. You were born with the two-legs." Jay looked away, still slightly confused. "Oh, okay." He said.

A small, puffy silver cat ran up to them. "Who is this, Cloudstar?" She asked immediately. Cloudstar sighed. "Calm down, Dreamkit! He only just got here. I'm not even sure if he's staying! The choice is his." She said. Dreamkit stopped bouncing, looking at Jay again. "Oh.... Hi! I'm Dreamkit! Who are you? Are you gonna stay?!" She asked bouncing again.

Cloudstar sighed. "Let's get this over with. Are you staying or leaving?" She asked Jay. Jay shrugged. "I have no where else to go, so stay I guess." He said. Dreamkit beamed, still bouncing. Cloudstar seemed to get annoyed with her, putting a paw on her back, keeping her still. Dreamkit frowned as Jay chuckled a little. "I'm Jay." He told her. Cloudstar frowned. "You are going to need a new name if you join this clan. You shall now go by Jaykit." She said. Jaykit frowned, but nodded. He would get used to it.

"Come on, let's show you around." She said, lifting her paw off of Dreamkit and flicking her tail for Jaykit to follow.

Comments and editing's

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The Lost- A Warriors Fan Fiction
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