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 The Shadows Within

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PostSubject: The Shadows Within   The Shadows Within I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 11:09 am

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There is a line that divides good from evil, light from dark, Heaven form Hell. Sometimes one will cross that line, never to return, for even if they wanted to, they would probably get killed. I’m in the middle of a raging war right now. It’s between the Warcaz (evil) and the Belanot’s (good). When you are 18, you have to choose a side, and serve under them for the rest of your life, if you don’t die first, that is. Today is the worst day of my life though. It is my 15th birthday, and my town is getting attacked by the Warcaz. I can hear the bombs outside, and at this very moment, I am trying to escape my own house. They are burning it down, trying to capture me so they can force me to join their army. I get outside and immediately look over to my best friend, Anna’s house. It is up in flames, and she is stuck on the top floor. I run over and try to help her get out. Suddenly, a Warcaz soldier grabs me, so I bite, kick, punch, and scream. Nothing works. He drags me out of the town. He knocks me out, and, tying me to a horse, takes me back to the Warcaz’s castle.

Chapter 1

I woke up in a cell. I immediately remember Anna and break down crying. I sit like this for over an hour, and then I decide I might want to look at my wounds, and it is then I realize that I am already bandaged up. They must really want me for their army, to keep me alive like this….Wow! Suddenly the whole cell started to shake; I looked around at the other cells and noticed that the other cell occupants felt it too. At least it’s not just me. The jail guards ran down the hallways, yelling something about a dragon. I knew they were crazy, or were they? Everyone knows that dragons aren’t real, or are they? Did the Warcaz manage to find one? My question was soon answered, for the leader of the Warcaz, Garrant, came and yelled at his men.

“Stop fooling around, idiots!!!!! It is our dragon after all!!!!!!!” Garrant yelled.

I then realized that yes, the Warcaz’s now have a dragon, and they also have an advantage on the Belanot’s, which was the side I was going to choose, but now I belong to the Warcaz’s by force. If I try to join the Belanot’s now, they would kill me, assuming that I am just a Warcaz spy. Oh well, I guess if I have to serve under the Warcaz’s I will just do a horrible job, hope that they kill me, and then it will be all over. I wonder how they convinced a dragon to help them anyway. Does this mean that the Belanot’s have a dragon too? Probably not, but now they need one. And even still, how did they find a dragon? I always thought that they never existed, same as everyone else in the world, or so I thought, but obviously I was wrong.

Just then a soldier grabbed me out of my cell.

“The King requests an audience with you, and you are not in the position to turn it down. I was told to take you there, and if you acted up, I was told to kill you. I suggest you wait and see what he wants before you do anything rash.” The soldier spat at me and then he drogue me out of my cell.

“Excuse me, I may sound kind of dumb for asking this, but you don’t have a King. You have a leader named Garrant, but no King, as far as I know anyways. So who am I going to meet?” I asked this like it was an obvious thing and I thought he was lying, though, in truth, I didn’t know anything about the Warcaz, so they could very well have a king.

“Leader Garrant is our King. You are just to uneducated to know that. The reason you never knew he was king is because you are from the country, am I right?”

“No, I am from one of the major cities, thank you very much! I am from Falcon City!” I am so offended. I am from one of the major cities that they just destroyed!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh! Really? We just destroyed your city. It was fun too!” The soldier looked at me with an evil smile.

“No, I had no clue you just destroyed my city, I was only there!” After that, I didn’t look at the soldier for the rest of the walk. I was mad at him, I was madder than mad. If I could, I would kill him right now, but I can’t so, I guess that option is out of the way, for now at least, because I will leave! I will be the first person to change my side without getting killed! I will be a legend! I will find the dragons, and I will convince all of them to join me and the Belanot’s, and together, we will get rid of the Warcaz’s and we will set the world back to its normal state, the way it was before the war.

I will update
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The Shadows Within
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